Twitch Chat Commands
!points – Check your points in chat
!conch <question> – The magic conch knows all
!weather <city> – Check the weather for any city
!discord – Get a link to this discord
!quote – Announce a random quote
!lurk – Announce that you will be lurking
!followage – Check how long you’ve been following ahhleeuhh !watchtime – Check how long you’ve spent watching ahhleeuhh

!duel <user> <amount> – 1v1 anyone in chat and place a bet if you’re feeling lucky (!accept, !deny)
!russianroulette – Pull the trigger and find out if there’s a bullet in the chamber
!rps <rock,paper,scissors> – Play rock, paper, scissors
!bowl – Go bowling with chat
!roll – Roll a dice in chat

ahhleeFace Face Filters ahhleeFace
1. Anime
2. Pixar
3. Banana
4. Teef
5. Alien
6. Burton
7. Squidward
8. Shrek
9. Vintage
10. Comic
11. Viking

:poke_pika: Pokémon :poke_pika:
!catch <pokémon> – Attempt to catch the wild Pokémon
!stats <pokémon> – View your pokémon stats
!release <pokémon>

5 Points

10 Points

20 Points

50 Points

100 Points

1000 Points